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Virginia Straus is a seasoned and vibrant artist whose journey in the realm of art has been as colorful and diverse as her creations. Born in Columbus, Georgia, her early years were steeped in the rich, cultural heritage of the South, which has continued to influence her work throughout her career. Virginia's artistic voyage took a significant turn when she settled in Atlanta, Georgia, where she established herself as a distinguished member of the art community. Since 2023 Virginia has shared hundreds of art drops including seahorse and ginkgo leaf t-shirts and painting prints which have gained a unique cult following.

 With a versatile background in oils, watercolor, and sculpture, Virginia's connection with nature and wildlife forms the cornerstone of her artistic expression, allowing her to explore the intricate beauty and raw emotion of the natural world.

Virginia's journey into the world of art took a delightful turn with the arrival of her twins, who inspired her to embark on a new creative path—developing a series of children's books and illustrations. This endeavor has allowed her to fuse her artistic skills with storytelling, creating enchanting worlds that captivate the imaginations of young readers. 

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